Our Guiding Principles

Our Guiding Principles


The organization focuses on human development projects, emphasizing education to work and the defense of the dignity of the person at work, who is the cornerstone of any meaningful development.

Concept of Work

We conceive work as the desire of the human being to participate in building a greater good that could last for the benefit of future generations.

We are a Companionship at Work.

 The value of the person

Our behavior recognizes the value of the individual and our awareness of the great importance that work has for him or her.

We believe that companies should have an educational role in People’s lives

Holistic Education

CoWA believes in holistic education in the preparation of the youths to meet the challenges of living as well as academics.

 This helps young people to learn about what it means to be human.


CoWA encourages partnerships in achieving its mission which is based on mutual esteem and active friendship.

Core Purpose

CoWA exists to support vulnerable youth with technical skills to start sustainable enterprises hence becoming a productive workforce in society.

Our work is the accomplishment of sustainable development goals of

  •  Quality Education
  •   No poverty
  •  Decent work and economic growth

CoWA's Portfolio of activities include

  •     Services for Jobseeker
  •     Young Entrepreneurs services
  •    Recruitment services for companies

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