Dual Training System

Dual Training System

I joined St. Kizito V.T.I in August through the sponsorship of Simba Colt motors under their department of education. This program has taken me two years to complete. The program was partly done in school and partly in industry. This helped me and my fellow students a lot since we were able to get hands-on training through the automotive trade technology growth. In school, I was able to learn the theoretical part of automotive engineering. The experience in school was incredible, teachers were very enthusiastic and they made sure that the syllabus was well covered and gave us the soft skills we needed along with us to our attachment. Simba Colt, who was also involved in our syllabus, covered us by giving us safety gear and toolboxes which helped us while in school. I was attached to Simba colts throughout the schooling program with the help of managers supervisors and the technical team in three departments attached: Mitsubishi, Lancer Pajero evolution of lancer BMW and BMW motorcade, and lastly the heavy commercial department where I dealt with FUSO, CANTER, FH FI FN FM just to mention a few. During this period I was able to cover my grade exams whereby I passed all the grades   III, II, and  I all under the National Industrial Training Authority. I was also able to learn work management, time management, and how to work under pressure. My technological skills grew prodigiously during my attachment and by the time I was through with the dual training program, I was a lady ready for work. The hands-on training experience I received was phenomenal, making me a qualified technician after going through the dual training program and having the skills the companies out there are looking for. Immediately I started looking for a job or another attachment in many companies around Nairobi and in a month's time I was enrolled in a control-tech limited in Kenya Grange Vehicle Industries (KGVI) as a technical advisor. I can assure you that the DTS program was a superlative idea that Simba Colt started and many companies should emulate. I would really like to thank Simba and St Kizito for their partnership which validated me to be who I am today.

Project; Skills and Work are East Africa’s Resources Programme

Implemented by Icep, St kizito, Imani Marinist, and Eastlands College of Technology

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