Opportunities in Digital Spaces

Opportunities in Digital Spaces

The year 2020 was characterized by a wellbeing emergency occasioned by the COVID-19 widespread, which finished up having unfavorable impacts on world economies, counting Kenya's. Many youths lost their jobs employments as companies were constrained to either closedown or cut their operations.

While the widespread has influenced individuals' overall socioeconomics, the youth have been excessively at more noteworthy financial opportunities. A report by International Labor Organization states that one in six youths have lost their jobs since the beginning of the pandemic.

Despite all these negative effects of the pandemic, statics have shown how digital spaces can impact our economic status and even in the future. Due to the social distancing and staying at the home campaign, there has been a surge in digital spaces. Research by the Kenya Bureau of statics shows an upward trajectory increase of internet consumers by 4.7 percent to 43.5 million from the previous 41.5 million. In addition, Safaricom reported an increase of 70 percent of data consumption with mobile data usage.

 A large population of youths in Kenya is computer literate and has adverse digital skills. It only means that youths have the chance to drive the country,s economy by utilizing the digital space to better and greater heights. The digital space and world have great potential in generating job opportunities for the youths in Kenya, and youths need to start embracing this opportunity. The youths in Kenya, especially the Millenials and Gen-zs, are very innovative and are doing great things in the digital spaces.

Unfortunately, our youths spend a lot of time in social media spaces on irrelevant things and don't utilize the opportunities in the space. To fully utilize the digital opportunities, the youths must take it upon themselves to research and realize their capabilities in the digital world.No doubt, big a chunk of internet consumers are youths and its time we put ourselves out there, by this I mean create a feed, story, a reel, a video, a twit, be a digital marketer the list it's endless.

Don't just sit there; Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok, Youtube websites are opportunities

CoWA offers digital literacy skills for youths

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