Bridging Skills Gaps
The skills gap reflects the mismatch between what young people are learning and what industry needs, and it threatens to derail the economic promise of the region. CoWA has partnered with Technical and vocational training institutions to train and prepare the youths to be responsible employees, demonstrate solid work habits, and communicate well with coworkers and clients. Young people with soft skills are poised to thrive in the quickly changing economies of these countries, but few schools explicitly teach these skills. CoWA has embraced the Dual Training system in collaboration with the private sector to help the youths to learn work ethics while they are still in school. This is achieved through; 

• Promotion and advocacy of competence-based training(DTS)
• Facilitation of Capacity building of trainers
• Benchmarking programs for institutions
• Exchange programs amongst staff/teacher or students
• Advocacy programs for VTIs and youth employment
• Building evidence on innovative training models in vocational educations
• Coordination of task force for vocational education and stakeholder

The job placement department
was set up to address the growing need of youths looking for industrial attachment, internships, contractual and permanent jobs in skilled and semi-skilled jobs.



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