Job Matching Program

We help youths in  Making a good impression to fit for a role in today's competitive world. We train you on how to sell your skills, experience, and show an employer you're the right person for the job.  The process entails thoroughly understanding the job and the person under consideration. CoWA has an online & physical job platform where youths can access labor information, Job adverts, and tools that would facilitate them getting, keeping, and growing their jobs. These are youths looking for industrial attachment, internships, and jobs. The Job seekers department offers various training on Job Matching Skills. Assignments are undertaken by a pool of our experienced staff. The department currently specializes in offering the following solutions

Labour Market Information
The labor market is defined as the area within which employers compete for labor:

We help the youths in;

  • Identifying the appropriate labor market for various types of positions.
  • Surveying the market to determine the salaries that are being paid for like positions.
  • Identifying market trends such as ancillary pay, and merit and pay practices.
  • Establishing, adjusting, and/or recommending salary changes and/or structures for staff positions.
  • Consulting with management on their workforce needs.

   Human Resource Forums

CoWA provides an environment for HR practitioners to share practice and policy, debate issues in the headlines, discuss case studies. Youths listen to HR specialists talk on a range of topics and receive regular updates on the world of work and Employment Law. Our, Human resource professionals meet with youths to assess the qualifications and skills of potential new hires.

The department offers both virtual and physical HR Forums for youths

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