Job Seekers Club

Job seekers can learn from the successes and mistakes of others, and put that knowledge to work in their own job search. A Forum that serves as a venue to build a network of youths to generate ideas, explore best practices, encourage future collaborations, and network with other youths from different backgrounds. CoWA Job Seekers Club is a peer-to-peer platform where youths get a personal level of knowledge by sharing similar job search experiences. These foster meaningful connections and a deeper sense of understanding and empathy between them. 


Job Lead Forum

online messaging boards that people can use to communicate with each other about a variety of different topics in specific niches. Forums are typically made up of ‘threads’ which are basically topics of discussions that people can comment on or vote on and are a great way to interact with a large group of people.

Work transitions support

We support youths in finding a job and the skills needed to succeed in that process, in both the formal and informal. We discuss topics such as developing financial and personal independence and navigating risky behaviors after school.

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