Orientation to Work

Orientation to Work Skills is the skills, qualities, and attitudes that employers say are essential for their workplace.CoWA supports critical Skills needs and resources for the changing workforce by facilitating the required workplaces to enhance work productivity as well staff retention. This is achieved through the following training:


• Career guidance and counseling sessions

• Employability skills-Lifeskills, Soft skills

• Cv writing

• Advanced excel skills

• Leadership skills

• Data  entry & analysis skills

• Research methodology skills

• Digital skills literacy training

  Youths with critical thinking skills and perspective-taking are more flexible and adaptable in a constantly changing workforce, this increases their ability to work cross-culturally, and are able to take on positions of leadership


The job placement department was set up to address the growing need of youths looking for industrial attachment, internships, contractual and permanent jobs in skilled and semi-skilled jobs. The department offers both virtual and physical training and assistance on the Orientation to Work Program.

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